Product Description

A range of large and small circular bulkheads with polycarbonate diffuser.

Ideal for numerous indoor or outdoor applications. Astra has a subtle bezel, it can be given a more striking appearance by way of different grill and visor options.

Die-cast aluminium housing with high corrosion resistance. Aluminium frame and stainless steel screws.

Durable silicone rubber gasket and polycarbonate diffuser. Grommet cable entry. Powder paint with high corrosion resistance IP54 as standard.

Supplied with ES(E27) GLS lampholder.

With a variety of energy saving configurations. As 1x9w, 2x9w, 1x13w, 2x13w , 1x18w, 2x18w, 1x26w , 2x26w, 1x32w. IP65 optional